A drawn portrait of illustrator Gustaf Lord


Swedish illustrator, animator and comic book creator who occasionally tries his hands at fine art. His work includes wallpaper design as well as educational, editorial and book illustration. Most recently Jens Lapidus children’s books Dillstaligan (BonnierCarlsen). Gustaf Lord loves maps and have an unhealthy obsession with raisins.

Member of The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers.
 Registered for corporation tax.

gustaf[at]studiolord.se | +46 (0) 705 84 34 72 | CV / Resumé | Portfolio as PDF

A spread from the Dillsaligan children's book.
A boy at his desk inventing
Cover of the Dillstaligan Konstkuppen book
cover of Dillstaligan Juvelkuppen book
A boy looking at fishing gear
Two kids sneaking in a livingroom

Covers and interior art for crime master Jens Lapidus' children books Dillstaligan, published by Bonnier Carlsen.
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Interviews in Swedish (subscription required)

“The Chameleons have left the jungle to celebrate Christmas in town. But before long, the little blighters got distracted and soon lost. Can you find them all?"

The solution was accompanied by this text : "When the snow stops, the kids bring out their red hula hoops, just as they learned. Now we see them nice and clear. Everybody back together just in time for a merry Christmas dinner. ”
Published in Gefle Dagblad newspaper december 12, 2018.

Bilderboksteckning med en morfar som bygger röda modellbilar i tvättstugan

One of twenty-four picture book illustrations with a humorous touch aimed at children aged four and older. The book tells the story of all the fun you can have with your grandfather. If you have one.

Three of 27 illustrations of LGBTQ-icons in celebration of the Stonewall riots 50th anniversary. Exhibited at Galleri Mittskeppetin the summer of 2019 and collected in a catalogue.

Illustration of politician Harvey Milk by Gustaf Lord
A catalogue cover with an illustration of actor Sir Ian McKellan
An illustration of actor and singer Cher

En hord av hotfulla krabbor krälar runt en vettskrämd pojkes säng.
A pile of comic books

"Draw all your worst nightmares  – in one illustration". That was the challenge when making the illustration for horror/comedy anthology magazine Deep Dark Downstairs Drawing Society.

En superhjälte med pizzatema svävar bland rök och exploderande vulkaner

Private commission to draw a poster of a man and his two dogs - as superheroes. The person's love for pizza, comics and Rubiks Cube, must be included. The poster was designed in a retro comic book cover manner and featured the concept of The Delivery-Man, a superhero who gained his powers from a radioactive calzone.

En illustrerad hund skjuter laserstrålar ur ögonen
Närbild på tecknat porträtt med raster och gul bakgrund
En tecknad chihuahua utför karate

Poster med isbjörnar teckande i blyerts som trängs på smältande isflak

Illustration to charity for raising awareness on climate change and risks. Done in several versions; in pencils, ink, and even as a t-shirt print.

T-shirt med teckna isbjörnsmotiv

Gustaf Lords teckning av tåg som släppts från hög höjd
En rosa teckning med fallande tåg och inbjudningstext till finisage

"Things she dropped", pencils and watercolour on paper, 35x50cm.
Exhibited at Half Whale, Half Gorilla 2012 and Teckning 2018. The image was also used on promotional flyers.

En tuschlavering av ett sprudlande folkliv på Börsplan i Gävle
Tidningsartiel med illustration av Gustaf Lord

Editorial illustration to the article En dröm om nya Börsplan (A Dream of new Exchange Plaza) written by Kristian Ekenberg for Gefle Dagblad newspaper 16th december 2016.

En tecknad affisch med texten När KGB sålde bilar i Gävle. Städerskan Lena är tecknad bland flera scener ur spionserien.

Promotional poster for comic-book about a car showroom in Gävle turning out to be a KGB operation. True story!

akrylmålning av ödsligt hotell med starka färger
stiliserad målning i akryl av ödsligt hotell
Två färgstarka akrylmålningar av Gustaf Lord på väggen i ett galleri

Some acrylics on board. The first two were shown at the exhibition Bländverk in Hudiksvall, 2016. 70 x 50 cm. Both are sold.

The bottom two paintings are still for sale and shown here at the 2017 Gaffel Studios Fall Exhibition. 120 x 60 cm and 40 x 50 cm, respectively.

Illustrated book cover of two children baking while getting instructions from a miniature chocolate hippo chef.

Cover, mascot and instructional illustrations for children baking book Barnens Bakbok.




Illustrator, designer and comic book creator. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, 1983. Lives and works in Gävle, Sweden since 2008.

Download Gustaf Lord's CV (short version) in Swedish as a PDF

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2018 Vistelsestipendieum Grez-sur-Loing – residency at Grez-sur-Loing
2017 Region Gävleborgs kulturstipendium – County Council of Gävleborg Culture Grant
2008 Erik Johan Ljungbergs Utbildningsfond – The Ljungberg Foundation


2016-present Freelance illustrator, designer, animator and comic book artist, Studio Lord
2016-2018 Illustrator, Liber Infinitas Education
2012-2015 Designer, Duro Sweden AB
2005-2011 Freelance illustrator, designer and comic book artist, Lordnet

Education and Courses

2020 Comic Book Script Writing, Gail Simone's Comic School University
2008-2010 Fine Art Diploma, Bollnäs Folk High School, Gävle
2006-2008 University Diploma in Sequential Art & Visual Storytelling, University of Gävle
2003-2006 BA of Business Administration, Linnæus University
2002 Graduate Diploma of Illustration, Forsbergs Skola
1999-2002 Natural Science Program, Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet


2021 Dillstaligan Zombiekuppen written by Jens and Hedda Lapidus, BonnierCarlsen. Illustrations
2021 Birds of the Carob Tree: From Dawn to Sunset written by Flora Saadi, Majdalawi Masterpieces. Illustrations
2021 Dillstaligan Poolkuppen written by Jens and Hedda Lapidus, BonnierCarlsen. Illustrations
2020 Socionomen #8 (2020), Akademikerförbundet SSR. Illustrations
2020 Socionomen #5 (2020), Akademikerförbundet SSR. Illustrations
2020 Gefle Dagblad, 7 may. Bonnier News Local AB. Illustration
2020 Socionomen #3 (2020), Akademikerförbundet SSR. Illustrations
2020 Dillstaligan Juvelkuppen written by Jens Lapidus, BonnierCarlsen. Illustrations
2020 Dillstaligan Konstkuppen written by Jens Lapidus, BonnierCarlsen. Illustrations
2020 Socionomen #1 (2020), Akademikerförbundet SSR. Illustrations
2019 Gefle Dagblad, 22 dec. MittMedia. Art
2019 Ikoner exhibition catalouge, Studio Lord. Illustrations
2018 Deep Dark Downstairs Drawing Society, Studio Lord. Illustrations
2018 Gefle Dagblad, 12 dec. MittMedia. Illustration
2017 Gefle Dagblad, 3 sep. MittMedia. Illustration
2016 Gefle Dagblad, 16 dec. MittMedia. Illustration
2016 Forum Konst Region Gävleborg. Logotyp design; illustration
2015 Festival Promotion Push. Illustration
2015 Zapp #1-2 Egmont. Comic art; illustrations
2014 Zapp #1-6 Egmont. Comic art; illustrations
2014 Feministiskt Initiativ folder, F!. Comics
2013 Zapp #1-5, Egmont. Comic art; illustration
2012 Comic Royale #6 Serieföreningen Comic Royale. Comics
2012 The Storygraph vol.1 #2 thestorygraph.com. Illustration
2011 Livet som gåva, Nadino Media. DVD Cover illustration; design
2011 Comic Royale #5, Serieföreningen Comic Royale. Comics
2011 Bakteriekultur Magasin #3, Kulturkollektivet Bakteriekultur. Art
2010 Comic Royale #4, Serieföreningen Comic Royale. Comics
2010 Trampolin, exhibition catalogue, Konstskolan i Gävle. Design
2010 Svenska Superserier #10 Svenska Superserier. Comics w. Elin Hjulström
2009 Poste Restante, PostNord. Webcomic strips
2009 Närproducerat, catalogue, Konstskolan i Gävle. Design
2009 Comic Royale #3, Serieföreningen Comic Royale. Comics
2009 Kolonin #3, Self-published. Script w. art by Henrik Nyhlén
2008 Kan själv, Barnens bakbok. Illustrations; cover design
2008 Aniara Epilog, Xinombra. Comic strip
2008 Trilobit Self-published. Comics w. Simon Lundberg and Egil Röckner
2008 Svenska Superserier #8 Svenska Superserier. Comics
2008 Vasa - the Ship That Sank, Kulturpoolen i Falun. Comic art; design
2008 Drömmen om Vasa, Kulturpoolen i Falun.Comic art; design
2008 Comic Royale #2 Hofors serieförening. Comics
2008 Kolonin #2 Self-published. Script w. art by Henrik Nyhlén
2007 Aniara, Xinombra. Comic strip
2007 S.I.C #6, S.I.C. Comics
2007 Kolonin #1 Self-published. Script w. art by Henrik Nyhlén
2007 Comic Royale #1 Hofors Serieförening. Comics
2007 Metro 20 feb. Modern Times Group. Comic strip

Workshops & Lectures

2021 Gävlit, Gävle Litteraturfestival
2021 Bollnäs Konsthall
2020-21 Illustration Lecture and Workshop Konstskolan i Gävle
2019 Drawing Workshop Skärplinge Library
2018 Workshop "Draw Stories" Gävleborg County Museum
2018 Manga Workshop Tierp Library
2017 Print design lecture Gävle Culture Center
2017 Comics Workshop, kids Tierp Library
2017 Comics Workshop, youths Tierp Library
2017 Art Studio Presentation Museum Anna Nordlander, Skellefteå


2021 Bollnäs Konsthall
2021 Kartritare – att navigera i en tid av ovisshet Group exhibition, Gävle Konstcentrum
2020 Gaffel 202020: Konst i Esplanaden Group exhibition, Esplanaden and Folkteatern, Gävle
2019 Höstsalong Jury determined group exhibition, Gävle Konstcentrum
2019 Ikoner Solo exhibition, Galleri Mittskeppet
2018 Open Kiosk Group exhibition, Kulturkiosken, Gävle
2018 Teckning '18 Jury determined group exhibition, Sandviken Konsthall
2017 Gaffel Medlemsutställning Group exhibition, Vävaren, Gävle
2017 Skutt'17 Jury determined group exhibition, Sveriges fängelsemuseum, Gävle
2017 Vinterfestivalen Snow sculpture, Boulogner Forest, Gävle
2016 X-Art Stop Art festival Kilafors
2016 Open Kiosk Group exhibition Kulturkiosken, Gävle
2016 Bländverk w/ Elin Hjulström, Galleri 316 Kubik, Hudiksvall
2016 Vinterfestivalen Snow sculpture, Boulogner Forest, Gävle
2015 X-Art Stop Art Festival, Holmsveden
2014 Frozen Art Park Show (organizer), Gävle
2012 SAFE, Art Festival, Sandviken
2012 Half Whale Half Gorilla Solo exhibition, Kulturkiosken, Gävle
2012 Konst på väg Group exhibition, Tierp
2012 Balloons w/ Elin Hjulström, Galleri Kungla Kelder, Tallinn
2011 KONSTiga torget, Art Festival, Bollnäs
2011 Skissalong, Group exhibition, Galleri Lars Palm, Sandviken
2010 Trampolin Group exhibition, Gävle Konstcentrum
2010 Serieveckan Group exhibition, Gothenburg City Library
2009 Skisser, Konst & Identitet, Group exhibition, Silvanum, Gävle
2009 Open Kiosk, Group exhibition Kulturkiosken, Gävle
2009 Videokonst Video exhibition on screens, Gävleborg County
2009 Närproducerat Group video screening, Kulturkiosken, Gävle
2008 Nyfiken Group exhibition, Epsilon Center, Hofors
2008 Teckning '08 Jury determined group exhibition, Sandviken Konsthall

Selected Videos

2020 Myteriet på Natal Animated illustrations for Länsmuseet Gävleborg. Illustrator; Storyboard
2020 Dillstaligan Trailer for Bonnier Carlsen. Director; animator
2019 Om MFD Animated information film produced by Hello Films for Myndigheten för delaktighet. 2D animator
2019 Om FNs Barnkonvention Animated information film produced by Hello Films for Myndigheten för delaktighet. 2D animator
2017 Stallet Animated information film produced by Hello Films for Funktionsrätt i Sverige. 2D animator
2017 Spinning Animated music video produced by Hello Films for Dark Link Light. 2D animator
2017 Plussa Sandviken, Animated illustration for Sandviken Kommun. Illustrator; Storyboard Artist
2017 Trailer Animated trailer produced by Hello Films for Emmaboda Bio. 2D animator; character designer
2011 Deserted Walk Award winning (Exit Filmfestival) animated short movie. Art director; post production artist
2009 Vänstertendens Art-film, video-montage. Director; writer
2008 Pong Stop motion shown at Kobra, SVT. Director; animator


Board member of Konstnärscentrum Nord, a non-profit membership-driven association open to experienced artists. 2020- current.

Board member of the non-profit art studio association Gaffel (Gävle Ateljéförening) from 2011 to 2017 and acted as chairman from 2013 to 2017. Part of the election committee from 2017-2019.

Member of Swedish Illustrators and graphic designers, IllustratörCentrum and KonstnärsCentrum Nord.