While not designing magazines, posters or comics for our clients we sometimes create stuff just for ourself. And for you of course! All our prints and products can be bought from the good people at Lamour Record Store. Make sure to pick up some records as well while you are there.


All your worst nightmares combined

The Deep Dark Downstairs Drawing Society was a group of artists, writers and tattooists who used to meet in the basement of an art gallery to draw, write and laugh. The members live all over Sweden now, but have reunited in this anthology. This project forced them to dig deep into their darkest nightmares to create illustrations, comics, embroideries, essays and short stories on the theme all your worst nightmares combined.

Contains funny and scary material by Emelie Sandström, Mirelle Eriksson, Johan Nora, Carl Krantz, Elin Hjulström Lord, Kaspar Lindqvist, Johannes Ramö Streiht and Gustaf Lord. The language mostly Swedish, with a few English sections.

Paperback | 28 pages | Colour | 2018
ISBN: 978-91-639-7113-6




Elin Hjulström Lord’s cute creature (of unknown species) ventures into two new pantomime adventures. 
First a water spirit threatens to flood the settlement and it's up to Ipp to save the villagers. In the second comic Ipp and Wu-Wu’s cozy day at the beach turns into a dramatic underwater adventure, with magic fish-riders, dangerous monsters and a completely deserted city at the bottom of the sea. Will they be able to find their way back to the surface?

Paperback | 32 pages | Colour | 2018
ISBN: 978-91-639-2672-3



Prints Collection

Meet The God of Printer Rage, The God of Mismatched Socks and many more of the divinities of everyday life. This edition collects the most popular of Elin Hjulström Lord’s Mundane Gods as prints. First introduced during the Inktober event in 2017, the images are perfect to frame and put on you work desk or give to a friend. Which Mundane God is your household deity?

Collects seven prints | 13,6 x 21,1 cm | Colour | 2018


A vinyl record cover with pencil art.


Art music/Childrens music

Sagan om Lilla Vargen (The Tale Of Little Wolf) by WOBZ is a musical tale for children, released on Lamour Records. With influences of electronic art music the band uses lyrics, music and noises to tell the story of a wolf who is forced to move to the city.

Gatefold vinyl incl. CD and mp3 download | Lamour Records | Art music/Children music

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While PRO 424’s last album Immune portrayed a dystopic future, Before Immunity is the prequel telling the story of an utopic society heading for an inevitable catastrophe, via synth and electronica with a touch of kraut and techno.

Vinyl 12″ 180g incl digital download via band camp | Lamour Records | Synth/Electronica/Techno

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Tecknat skivomslag med rymd- och robottema



Lamour Remixes by UBX127 is a techno remix album released on Lamour Records. It contains remixes of tracks by Motormännen, Lehnberg and Slim Vic, turned into modern instant techno classics!

Vinyl 12″ 180g | Lamour Records | Techno

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