My name is Gustaf Lord and I am an illustrator and comic book artist who occasionally ventures into the uncharted areas of fine art. I share my working hours between freelance commissions under the Studio Lord banner and illustrations for an interactive education software by Liber Infinitas Learning.

Off hours I am also working on a creator owned graphic novell, based on a true story of a Cold War era spy central hidden in plain sight in a sleepy Swedish town. Follow the work on the Tumblr production blog.

Poster for upcoming comic about a car showroom in Gävle turning out to be a KGB operation (true story!)

Test sample for the forthcoming comic "När KGB sålde bilar i Gävle".

Test panel for the forthcoming comic "När KGB sålde bilar i Gävle".

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Editorial illustration to the article "En dröm om nya Börsplan" ("A Dream of the new Exchange Plaza") written by Kristian Ekenberg for the Gefle Dagblad newspaper, published in December 16, 2016.

Illustration of a nightmare scene with vampire crabs closing in on a horrified boy taking cover in his bed. Copyright Gustaf Lord
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A pile of illustrated covers of Deep Dark Downstairs Drawing Society fanzines. Copyright Gustaf Lord
Cover art with titles

"All your worst nightmares combined", ink illustration published in anthology magazine Deep Dark Downstairs Drawing Society, 2018

An illustration showing a small young girl chasing away a large bunch of riot policemen.
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"Slang-Bella", personal piece

"Polar Bears", T-shirt print made to comment on the global warming.

"Godzilla was here" or "Things she dropped",
Pencils and watercolour on paper. 35 x 50 cm,
First shown at the exhibition "Half Whale, Half Gorilla" 2012

Two acrylic paintings on board, 70 x 50 cm. First shown at "Bländverk" exhibition in Hudiksvall, 2016

Illustrated book cover of two children baking while getting instructions from a miniature chocolate hippo chef.Cover design and illustration to "Kan Själv" ("Can Self"), a children baking book published by Barnens Bakbok, 2008.