Självporträtt av Elin Hjulström Lord

My name is Elin Hjulström Lord and I love stories. Be it movies, books or the story behind a single illustration. But most of all I love comics. So whenever I can find the time I dive into my own comics projects, often in the shape of wordless, poetic stories featuring the cute character (of unknown species) named Ipp.

"Anyone up for croquet?"

"I Call Him Charles"

Madame Mignonne and Alice the Human

When the Battle is Won We Count Our Dead

Tianmen Shan Glass Skywalk

Clothing from Vidzeme, Latvia

Ipp Below the Sea

Ipp Below the Sea (page 1)

Ipp Below the Sea (page 9)

Ipp and the Stone Face

Ipp and the Water Spirit (page 1)

Ipp and the Water Spirit (page 5)

Ipp and the Moose God